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YOnka Facials

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Yonka Facials

Yon-Ka facial treatments for a unique aromatic experience where every fragrance brings harmony.

Refined methods, exclusive techniques, precise amounts of plant extracts and essential oils, the skill of qualified professionals… In Fragrance and around the world, Yon-Ka gives you over 50 years of expertise through a wide array of holistic, custom treatments providing instantly visible results.

One of the most elaborate, complete facials. Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.

Tigthness, stinging…is your skin becoming rough and lackluster or being marked by fine lines? This is a cry for help: your skin is drying out. This high-performance treatment will quickly help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness.

Customized and recommended at any age. With the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of essential oils, the pure glow of epidermis is revealed, one step at a time.

  • Purified skin
  • Toned complexion
  • Optimum glowing relaxation
  • Renewed Skin
  • Restored supple and smoother Skin
  • Wrinkles vanish
  • Rebalanced Skin
  • Firmer and Younger looking Skin
  • Redefined facial contours