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Lipomassage Treatments (LPG-Body) Men

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Lipomassage Treatments (LPG-Body)

A World of Perfection (Introduction)
LPG is recognized over 100 countries as the spearhead in non-invasive anti-aging and body contouring solutions. For over a quarter of a century, LPG’s high-tech, natural beauty solutions have been synonymous with long lasting visible results.
Our skin is prone to sagging due to number of factors such as aging, pregnancy, rapid weight loss and more. LPG lipo-massage is a unique body contouring technique that uses cellular simulation that results in toning and redefined contours. Lipo-masssage collagen and elastin stimulation is also ideal for firming and re-contouring curves.


Android Lipomassage  Treatment             Duration: 35mins
Android refers to the upper part of the body; the stomach, back and arms. This treatment is designed for women with an apple-shaped or android body, where excess fat is stored in these parts of the body. LPG Roll-In helps break down fat cells that are resistant to physical exercise and dieting. In, addition, LPG Roll-Out action tones the skin. Session after session the silhouette slims down and roundness disappears.


Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment            Duration: 35mins
Gynoid refers to the lower half of the body, comprised of the hips, buttocks and legs. The Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment breaks down the excess fat stored in these areas of the body.
This treatment is designed for women with a pear-shaped or “gynoid” figure, combines the action of LPG Roll-In and Roll-Out which helps slim down fat cells and tone the skin. The additional LPG Roll-Up action simultaneously sculpts the body and effectively smoothens orange-peel skin.


Lipomassage Total Care                Duration: 35mins
This treatment is designed for women with a predisposed tendency of overall body fat storage, resulting in saggy skin and difficulty in weight loss even after intense workout sessions and a consistent healthy diet. 
The LPG Roll-In acts at the core of the fatty tissue and helps slim down resistant fat cells. LPG Roll-Out completes this action by activating the production of collagen and elastin to firm the skin. Finally, the LPG Roll-Up helps to permanently smooth the appearance of orange-peel skin.


LPG Smoothing-Cellulite Treatments            Duration: 30mins
Because cellulite affects women of all sizes, LPG has designed this specific anti-cellulite treatment. The new and exclusive action of LPG Roll-Up Major enables progressive smoothing of the appearance of orange-peel skin, resulting in visible improvements in skin quality.


LPG Firming and Contouring                Duration: 35mins
This exclusive treatment is specifically designed for skin prone to sagging. LPG Roll-Out action combines with sequential stimulation acts at the core of the fibroblast and activates collagen and elastin production. Re-densified in depth, the skin is smoothed and becomes visibly firm.


LPG Draining-Cellulite Treatment            Duration: 35mins
This treatment has been designed to effectively treat cellulite aqueous or the water retention phenomenon. LPG Roll-Up action enables progressive smoothing of the appearance of orange –peel skin and alleviating water retention.


Endermo Draining Treatment                Duration: 35mins
This draining treatment produces an immediately light feeling as it targets the excess fat cells stored in the legs. LPG Roll-Up action combine with the sequential mode activates blood circulation and provides rapid relief. The ankles are slimmed down; the legs feel lighter and regain their shape.