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Endermolift Face women

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Endermolift (FACE)

The skin is a living organ whose cellular activity maintains its firmness, softness, and healthy glow. After the age of 25, youth cells reduce their collagen and elastin production. The skin loses its substance and the signs of aging appear, including wrinkles, sagging contours and a dull complexion. 
This exclusive anti-aging treatment redensifies the skin deep down and erases signs of aging without the use of electrical currents, injections or chemicals. 
LPG Lifts deliver micro-beats to the skin’s surface to stimulate youth cells in-depth, restarting their natural production of collagen and elastin.


Glowing Complexion Lift Treatment                 Duration: 15mins
Dull complexion is a characteristic of a busy lifestyle and excessive time spent outdoors. This treatment focuses on reviving dull, tired complexion to bring back the youthful glow. Boosting microcirculation, this unique face and neck stimulation drains toxins away and oxygenates tissue for a glowing complexion, leaving the skin looking radiant and feeling velvety soft.


Total Eye Lift Treatment                    Duration: 20mins
This treatment is designed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes and results in a youthful, bright-eyed look. The LPG Lift-heads trigger collagen and elastin synthesis to provide in depth skin densification. The treatment is also applied to the eyelids and eyebrows to tighten the area, giving you a wide-eyed look. Finally, the draining action decongests puffy eyes and erases dark circles giving you fresh, sparkling eyes.


Anti-Aging Replumping                     Duration: 30mins
This powerful, all natural face lift treatment smoothens away even the deepest of facial wrinkles, LPG’s  lift stimulation revitalizes the cell metabolism, where the fibro blasts restart its collagen and elastin production, the two substances are responsible to firm, supple skin. Thus, reorganizing collagen fibers to strengthen the skin’s underlying architecture, resulting in natural filling of lines and wrinkles from within. So while the face is softened and wrinkles are smoothed, the facial expressions remain lively.


Anti-Aging Firming                            Duration: 30mins
Aging skin is naturally occurring process characterized by sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. This treatment is a powerful anti-ageing treatment that targets ageing symptoms by tightening sagging skin to reshape the face.


Anti-Aging Resculpting                     Duration: 30mins
 While body weight is relatively easy to lose, loosing “chubbiness’ of the face poses a challenge. A common reason for this unnecessary fat on the face is water retention, and this treatment is specifically designed to target this. The face is decongested by draining the water retention, and as the adipose tissue is stimulated to reduce excess facial fat, the cheeks are redefined and facial contours are tightened and re-sculpted. This results in a slim, well-defined face.


Décolleté and Bust Treatment              Duration: 30mins
This treatment is specifically designed to target common concerns of slackening and premature aging of the bust and décolleté area. LPG lifts works naturally to help create the appearance of a firmer; more toned and lifted skin in the triangle area that extends from the breasts up to the chin.