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Best Slimming Therapy Center in Dubai

Votre Slimming Therapy Center is a unique beauty center located in European Business Center, dedicated in helping its clients attains youthful skin and a well-sculpted body at affordable prices through 100% natural treatments using cutting-edge technology. The Center is a one-stop shop for non-invasive cosmetic-medical treatments for cellulite, ageing symptoms and facial hydration provided by trained professionals. Founded early in 2013, Votre Slimming Therapy Center combines medically proven modern technology with therapist consultation to design the right treatment, giving clients quality service in a stylish, comfortable environment. The services offered at Votre Slimming Therapy Center are 100% natural, conducted using latest cutting-edge technology in safe environments of high clinical standards. Votre Slimming Therapy Center offers a variety of services designed to fulfill individual requirements, delivering effective results at affordable prices.



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Votre Slimming Therapy Center ensures a commendable service which leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment. In order to make your experience pleasurable, it is essential to follow the center’s protocol to gain maximum benefit and satisfaction from services provided at the spa. Arrival on time To ensure maximum benefit & advantage from your appointment with the therapist, make sure you arrive at the center 15 minutes prior to the time of appointment time by more than 10 minutes in order to ensure provision of better services to all customers

Non-invasive and 100% natural treatments suited to all ages A complete spa experience for all your health, beauty and slimming needs World class latest technology, FDA and MOH approved Certified Licensed and qualified therapists


Cancellation Guidelines

It is possible to cancel an appointment with the therapist in case of an unforeseen event, but it is essential to inform the center. The center will make the appearance schedule changes once it has been informed of the cancellation at least 24 hours before the appointment.


Switch off your mobile

Votre promises to provide commendable services and to gain maximum benefit of these services. It is essential to eradicate any distraction. Smart phones are source of potential disturbance which may lead to a less pleasurable experience, so it is suggested that you switch off your mobile and indulge in the services that the Center has to offer.


Ask for the preferred therapist

Votre Slimming Therapy Center takes the comfort and satisfaction of its clients very earnestly. If you prefer a specific therapist, inform the receptionist when taking an appointment, and the right therapist will be provided in order to make you comfortable during the process and your visit pleasurable.

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we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your nails make a bold and beautiful statement.

  • Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 8:00pm
  • Sunday:  Closed