Ultimate Hydrafacial (thru Hydracool Plus Machine)

Combination of 4 Technologies in one platform

An incomparable results in the beauty skin management sector, improves results usually gained with the traditional skin care creams and provides a comfortable & painless, experience during treatments:

1. AquaB Technology - A vacuum technology allow water molecules to directly penetrate the skin to pores:

- Deep Cleansing

-Balances Water and Oil Secretion

-Improves Skin Texture

-Restores Natural Skin Color


2. VibroX Technology - Vibration Frequency, Countless CO2 Bubbles which penetrate deep into the skin which triggers the Nohr Effect to enrich Oxygen in blood Circulation and Revive Skin Celles:

-Skin Rejuvenation

-Reduction of Wrinkles

-Skin Tigthening Effect


3. Collagen + Technology - Key for keeping Tight Skin and Rejuvenated . The Radio-Frequency heats collagen allowing it to regenerate which results:

-Restoration of Wrinkles

-Improvement of Sagging Skin

-Skin Tissue Lifting

-Reversing Skin Ageing


4. UltraB Technology - High-Frequency Ultrasound which effectively breaks down molecular structure of skin products into minute molecules which can easily penetrate cuticle barrier into the skin base later resulting in:

-Smooth Skin Texture

-Moisturized Skin

-Enriched Skin from Within