YOnka Facials


Deep Cleansing Treatment (Healing and Relaxing)
This is a deep cleansing treatment that purifies, balances and clears your complexion. Blackheads and dead cells are gently removed with the professional peeling process that respects the most delicate of skins. This "clean skin" phase is followed by a long relaxing aromatic massage. A real revelation of your skin's light to repeat depending upon your requirements.

Results: Your skin is cleansed, purified and balanced, your complexion is clearer and facial features are healthy, you look relaxed.
A regular "clean skin" meeting for all men's skin of all ages.
Time Length 60 min



Long-lasting Deep Hydrating Facial
The first signs of aging and a lackluster appearance are often caused by a lack of hydration. Your skin is tight and pulls, it needs deep rehydration and your cream is not enough.

Results: Your skin is smooth, and you have a healthy glow. Your skin has a newfound comfort.
Advised for dehydrated skins, before and after exposure to the sun, to UV and before applying AUTO-BRONZANT at home.
Time Length 60 min



Firming Anti-Wrinkle Care
Anti-wrinkles, firming, energizing, this advanced treatment, highly concentrated in natural agent act as a mini-lift.

Results: Your face feels new, your complexion regains youthfulness.
Advised for all mature skins, as part of a set of 4 treatments, to really get your face to top condition.
Time Length 60 min